Camp Wingra will continue to make the safety and well-being of our campers and counselors our number one priority.

Please note that we will actively be adjusting procedures based on the most current information, guidelines, and best practices. We will be following all guidelines by the CDC, the city, as well as following Madison Boats sanitizing and social distancing protocols at the boat house.

After careful consideration, we have decided to make masks optional at camp. What this means is that masks are not required, but any camper may choose to wear a mask if they would like to. In addition, we understand that everyone has different situations and risk profiles, so if anyone is uncomfortable with this decision please send me a confidential email at and we will have all campers and counselors wear masks for that specific week. We will ask that the group respect this decision, and the camper who has made the request will be kept confidential.

Below is the most recent version of the Covid-19 Multilayered plan. If any updates are made, we will be sent the most recent plan the week prior to your camper's session.

Camp Wingra Covid-19 Multi-layered Plan

  • All camp counselors, and camp support staff, are fully vaccinated.

  • Campers may choose whether or not they would like to wear a mask at camp. They will not be required to wear a mask while outdoors unless someone in the camp requests that  masks be worn). 

  • Campers will need to bring 1 mask with them everyday in the case  they will need to go indoors due to bad weather, or they are participating in  other close contact activities with other cohorts (such as singing songs or some close contact outdoor games).

  • Campers will be asked to wash their hands, or apply hand sanitizer before and after each activity/transition (ex. arriving at camp, before going out on boats, after coming back from boating etc.).

  • All campers will be assigned to a cohort of 4-6 campers and one counselor. These cohorts will be created based on the information that parents shared at registration concerning pods, groupings and other accommodations.  

  • Within cohorts  a social distance of 3 feet will be the rule.

  • When several cohorts are together they will remain 6 ft socially distant.

  • When indoors (only in the case of needing to go to the bathroom, or if weather is bad) campers will only be with their cohort, they will wear a mask, and they will socially distance at least 6 ft apart.

  • When campers are indoors for bad weather, we will make sure that everyone is wearing a mask, that all windows and doors are open and that fans are running to add extra ventilation, per CDC guidance. 

  • When on the water, campers will be naturally socially distanced by being in separate boats. Masks will not be required  on the water, per CDC guidance.

  • If campers are paired up in a boat (ex. canoe, double kayak) they will only be with those that are in their assigned cohort. 

  • If campers  participate in larger activities such as the Megaladon or water mat they will only do so with others from their cohort.  Parents can ask that their camper opt out of these group boating activities if they choose.

  • Temperatures will be taken daily when campers arrive. Any temperature above 100.4 and a camper will be asked to go home for the day. They will be able to return if the fever is gone the next day and if no other symptoms are present.

  • We ask that parents report any covid-like symptoms (sore throat, diarrhea, fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, persistent cough)  to Camp Wingra, and keep their child home when symptomatic.

  • We ask that parents report any possible contact with someone with Covid-19, and keep their camper home for the appropriate quarantined approved time.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any refund for absences due to illness.

  • Campers will not be transported in camp vans.

  • Campers will be assigned a life jacket on the first day of camp which they will use for the rest of the week.

  • Campers will eat lunch socially distanced with their cohorts.

Camp Wingra holds the right to deny campers, without refund, that are unable to meet and follow our COVID-19 Plan