Paddle Play Discover!

Welcome paddlers, explorers and budding scientists! If you like to collect water specimens, to find out what is in the water, turn logs over to find grubs, dissect owl pellets, build shelters and paddle to cool places like Pheasant Branch Conservancy- then come on aboard!  This camp not only builds paddling skills, it also includes hands on learning activities where campers balance outdoor learning with plenty of fun!

Paddle Excursions

CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP! This high energy camp will build endurance, teamwork, and expertise. Campers will have fun capsizing canoes, performing T-rescues, kayaking, and, of course, stand up paddle boarding. Embark on day trips to places like Olin Park, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, and Picnic Point to practice your paddling skills. Campers should have previous experience paddling.

Fish Paddle Play

Fish Paddle Play

This is Camp Wingra’s signature camp to give you everything you love about Camp Wingra in one week of fun! Learn to navigate different boats; log roll, master tricks on a stand-up paddleboard, reel in bluegills, bass, or Oscar the Bull Shark, and display your courage in capture the flag! This smorgasbord of activities includes learning paddling strokes and fishing techniques. At Fish Paddle Play you can do it all- and more. Grab your friends and join us!

Go Fish! 

Bluegills, Sunfish, Crappies and more! This is our intro fishing camp that allows campers to spend a week fishing from shore and boats. This camp is perfect for campers hoping to catch their first fish or for those ready to become an independent angler. The half day camp (AM/PM) is designed to only be taken for AM or PM, not both.

NEW: Shipwrecked on the Bay

What do you do if you find yourself SHIPWRECKED on the Bay? Campers will have fun learning survival skills, capsizing canoes, performing T-rescues and learning to tie different knots. This camp will have campers making rafts, reading maritime maps, and “surviving” through fun team building activities.

5 Lake Fishing Excursion

During this camp we will fish the 5 lakes of the Yahara Waterway experiencing some of  the best fishing spots in Madison. Campers should be comfortable paddling a canoe and have considerable experience fishing.  This is not a beginner fishing camp; it is for campers who want to fish all day with the hopes of catching a northern, walleye or even a muskie!  By the end of the week campers will have a lot of ‘fish’ stories to tell along with some great pictures, and will know our Madison lakes better.

Advanced Fishing: Game Fish

This camp will target fishing for bass as well as northern, walleye, and…. the elusive muskellunge. This camp is all about building your skills. Cast under that log, pick the right lure, and begin to understand the impact weather has on the fish. It takes more than a line in the water to catch the big ones. This camp is for experience anglers who want to fish all day and never stopping until they must!  

Canoe, Kayak, SUP

Learning correct paddle strokes, playing paddle-sponge-tag, mastering a buoy turn on a SUP, and navigating an obstacle courses will be part of the week’s fun as you expand on your paddling knowledge in kayaks, canoes, and SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards). This camp can be repeated since counselors tailor the camp to each camper’s level of skill and interest.

7 Lake Paddle Excursion

Put your paddle skills to work as we canoe the 7 lakes of the Yahara Waterway in 5 days! Each day you will paddle a new stretch of the Yahara Waterway from Lake Mendota, through Waubesa and ending at Lake Kegonsa in Stoughton. Campers will have a blast as they learn about themselves and the value of teamwork on this 5-day canoe trip. This excursion camp is a favorite for campers and is designed for campers that have previous paddling experience and want to further develop their skills and endurance  

Ahoy Matey!

We've got swashbuckling paddling fun at this exciting new camp for aspiring buccaneers who love being on the water! Band together with fellow pirates, search for treasures as you learn paddling and navigational skills. Pirate arts and crafts and role-playing will help campers experience a pirate’s life on the high seas! We seek only the most fearsome scallywags to join our pirate crew!

Girls Do It All!

Paddle, fish, yoga, create, explore, and more! This unique camp really will allow you to 'Do it All'.  Staff work with the campers to create a week that connects campers with other girls while developing their paddling and fishing skills. A lot of fun activities like breakfast on the lake await anyone lucky enough to be in this camp.  In the past this camp has filled very quickly, so don’t wait!   

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