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If you need to reach us by phone on the day of registration, please call 608-333-1613.

Wingra Boats

(In Wingra Park off Monroe Street Behind Michael’s Frozen Custard)

824 Knickerbocker Street

Madison, WI 53711

Brittingham Boats

(Just off of Proudfit between Park Street & John Nolan –across from Findorff)

701 W Brittingham Place

Madison, WI 53715 

Marshall Boats

Near the intersection of University Avenue and Allen Blvd.)

2101 Allen Blvd

Madison, WI 53562   
Wingra -824 Knickerbocker St, Madison, WI 53711
Brittingham- 701 W Brittingham Place, Madison, WI 53715
Marshall- 2101 Allen Blvd, Madison WI
For your tax records:

Name: Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center, Inc.

Address: 824 Knickerbocker Street, Madison, WI 53711

ID Number: 39-1586143