What to Bring to Camp  


(Please write your name on all possessions.)  

For All Camps:


Back Pack with...

  • HAT and SUNGLASSES! For anglers these first two are a must! We will be on the water every day and we need to protect our eyes from the sun as well as hooks.  

  • Two masks (an extra just incase one gets wet)

  • Swim suit under your clothes (Yes, you will get wet…and have a lot of fun!)  

  • Towel and change of clothes.

  • Sunscreen – please apply before you come to camp,

  • Water bottle  

  • Water shoes or sandals that strap to your feet (no flip flops)  

  • Sack lunch and a snack for full day camps and a snack for ½ day camps. In respect to campers who have allergies, we ask that snacks and lunches are peanut free. Campers get extra hungry at camp and need fuel to have fun!  We currently do not have concessions for sale at the boat house, so please make sure to pack your camper with everything they will need to keep them energized all day.

  • ***Pertinent medication (inhaler, EpiPen, etc). Please give to staff with your camper’s name and phone number on it.

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather each day. Weather can range from 80 and full sunlight one day to 60 and raining the next. We’ll be out on the water in both.  


Fishing Camps: Rods and tackle will be provided for fishing camps but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.  

  • A small amount of money for snacks after camp.  

  • Your own life jacket (PFD) with your name on it. 

Please do not bring: Electronics including phones (campers can use our camp phones I they need to contact you).