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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact the staff with questions?

Emailing is best. If needed 

Wingra Boat House phone is: 608- 233-5332 

Marshall’s is 608-228-8333.  

Camp staff will not only provide daily updates will be available to answer email questions.  We do our best to get phone messages to the camp staff but if the boat house is busy your phone message may be delayed in answering.

What is Camp Wingra cancellation policy?  

We understand that making plans in January for the summer, can be challenging and that your plans may change. If you cancel your camp prior to May 1st, 2022, you will receive a FULL refund minus a $40 cancelation fee per camp.

After May 1st, we normally do not offer a refund, however, due to these unprecedented times, if we are able to find someone to fill your camper's spot then we will offer a full refund minus a $75 cancelation fee per camp.  If we are unable to find a replacement then no refund will be issued. 

If you need to cancel due to a medical or covid-19 related issues, please reach out and we will deal with these on a case by case basis. 

What precautions will be in place for my child?  

Camp Wingra takes the safety of campers very serious. Here are just a few measures that we take for the well-being of campers:

  • We try to keep our camper staff ratio 4:1 depending on the age of the campers.

  • Additional staff are added to larger camps like Fish Paddle Play. 

  • Counselors are all first-aid and CPR trained.  

  • Each boathouse has an evacuation or emergency action plan. Staff are trained to follow the plans, and these are reviewed throughout the summer.

  • Our policy is for all campers to wear a lifejacket even if they are fishing from shore. 

  • Campers will be checked in and out every day and will be supervised at all times.

  • As part of the hiring process, background checks are conducted for counselors.

See COVID-19 info for more information on precautions in place for your child. 

Should my child wear their  bathing suit under their clothes or change when they get to the boat house?

To save time we want campers to wear their suits to camp and bring a change of clothing in their backpacks.

Besides their bathing suit (worn under their clothes) what else should my camper bring/wear? 

Campers need to wear sandals that are secure on their feet (no flip flops) and bring a back pack with the following items: towel, water bottle, sunblock, hat, a sweatshirt, sunglasses (required if fishing), change of clothing, lunch (if staying all day) and a generous snack.   Optional  items are: insect repellent, your own life jacket, art pad or journal, and fishing equipment.


If it rains will camp still be held?

Yes, camp will be held rain or shine. We will not go out on the water if there is lightning or a storm threatens but we will still hold camp.  We have rainy day activities built into our program and as soon as the weather clears we will resume our water/fishing program.

Can my child take both the AM and PM half day camps. 

We ask that you choose either the AM or the PM camp for your camper. This is our introductory half day camp to give campers a taste of Camp Wingra.

Can my child bring their own life jacket and/or bring their own fishing equipment?  Also, can they leave them at the boathouse during their week at camp?

Yes, if your camper has a favorite life jacket, and/or fishing rod (for fishing camps) please have their name on it and you can leave it in our camp area for the duration of camp.



What if a camper arrives late?

Please call the boat house to let the staff know that your child will be late.  One of the staff will remain behind until your camper arrives and bring them out to meet the rest of the campers.


What if my camper must leave early?

Please tell the camp staff as soon as you arrive what time your camper will need to be ready to leave. This is important since we often are on the water and will need to make arrangements to return in time for your pickup.


Will staff remind my camper to put  sunscreen on & wear a hat? 

Please have your child put on sunblock prior to coming to camp. Sunscreen & snack breaks are taken every 2-3 hours & staff will assist with the application of sunblock. Please have sunblock in your child’s backpack with their name on it.  Fishing campers need to wear a hat & sunglasses.  If your camper does not have a hat we will give them one of our ‘special’ hats!


Can my camper buy lunch at the boathouse or should they bring a lunch?

We discourage campers from buying lunch at the boathouse. We are often off-site fishing or boating and will bring our lunches with us.If your camper wants to buy a snack at the end of camp that is fine. Please do not send a large amount of money with your camper.


Can my child hang out after camp? 

Camp staff cannot supervise students after camp since they are either preparing for another camp or getting ready for the next day. Campers need to be with a parent/adult if they want to remain at the boathouse after camp to fish or boat.


What if my child becomes ill at camp? 

If your child is not feeling well we will call you immediately so you can advise  us what steps to take next.


Can my child have a cell phone at camp? 

No.  We discourage having a cell phone at camp or brining anything valuable. Often backpacks are left out on camp tables and there is not a secure place to lock valuable belongings.


If campers are transported in the camp vans, will they always have a seat belt on? 

Yes, campers will always wear a seat belt when in a camp van. Other safety driving precautions are that the driver is responsible for driving and the additional staff is to take care of the campers. This is done to avoid distractions to the driver. 


What makes Camp Wingra so special?  

We pride ourselves that our camps are small which allows for each camper to get personalized attention from the staff. Our counselors are college age and life guard/CPR certified. Although we have an outline for  each camp staff will adapt and modify the camps according to the needs and interests of the campers.  Staff work hard on communicating with parents and sending pictures/videos home at the end of the week. Staff understand that the success of a camp depends first on safety and an understanding of risks presents that day.  We retain counselors due to the fact that they love the campers and work required during the summer. 

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