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What is the Camp Challenge??

This summer, Camp Wingra is challenging YOU to get out on the lake every week this summer to complete a challenge. We have 8 easy and fun challenges to do while you are out on the water. If you complete the weekly challenge and share it with a boat house staff, you'll receive a FREE small novelty ice cream for each challenge. Complete ALL 8 challenges this summer, and you'll have your name but on a plaque on the boat house.

Pick up a Camp Wingra Challenge brochure at either Wingra, Brittingham or Marshall to get a stamp and keep track of all of the challenges you've completed.

This challenge is open to kids preschool through 8th grade. 

Miss a week- don't worry... you can always make up a week (as long as you only do ONE challenge a day) but you cannot work ahead.


Week 1 (June 19-25): BE A LAKE STEWARD Pick up (and return) 3 pieces or more of trash from the lake, or things that don't belong in the lake.

Week 2 (June 26- July 2): TURTLE TIME! Find a turtle on a log/rock.


Week 3 (July 10- 16): TEACH A FRIEND! Teach a family member, or a friend how to paddle a kayak, canoe or SUP.

Week 4 (July 17-23): SWITCH IT UP! Paddle a boat you haven't paddle yet this summer (or paddled the least often). 

Week 5 (July 24-30): GET CREATIVE. Draw something out on the lake. (Supplies & clipboards can be obtained at the boat house.)

Week 6 (July 31- Aug 6): SNACK BREAK! Have a picnic out on a boat.

Week 7 (Aug 7 - 13): TRY SOMETHING NEW! Paddle at a boat house you HAVEN'T Paddled at this year!! (Or at least haven't paddled as often!)

Week 8 (Aug 14- 20): STAFF PICK! The crew at each boat house will pick the challenge for this week - stay tuned!

Where Can You Paddle?:

Weekly Challenges can be completed at any of our three boat house locations, Wingra Boats, Brittingham Boats & Marshall Boats. But sure to check in with the boat house crew prior to starting your challenge, as they may have some helpful pointers or tips. AND don't forget to share with the boat house crew when you have completed your challenge to receive your FREE small novelty ICE CREAM!

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Why the Lake Challenge?

We know that not everyone is able to attend Camp Wingra, and if they do, it may only be for just one week of the summer. Our goal behind the Camp Wingra Challenge is to help get kids out on the water EVERY week. To create a healthy habit of getting outside, exploring nature, learning something new, and giving back to our lakes. We hope that you will encourage your child to join us this summer, and complete this FUN challenge.

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