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Little Explorers

Weekly Descriptions:

Week 1: Air-Birds, Butterflies and Bumble Bees!
Look up high, look down low what can we discover flying around us? This week we will introduce
nature journaling as we use our sense of sight and sound searching for flying animals. In our Nature
centers we will explore with butterfly costumes the woods around us, as well as use plants for art and
notice math and science in our natural world.

​Week 2: Land-Trees and Flowers

This week we will use our observational skills to explore trees and flowers. The children will journal
their discoveries through drawings, or hands on materials they choose. We will return for nature
centers to paint with flowers and leaves, as well as examine, arrange and identify flowers and we will
add some plants to our mud kitchen for added imaginative play!
Week 3: Water-Fish, Bugs and Plants

Join us as we dive into the world of fish! This week little explorers will be introduced to the fish of
Lake Wingra, and will even get to touch a few fish. Little Explorers will be able to make a stick
fishing pole and give fishing a try. We can also dip our nets into the water and discover small insects
and plants through our microscope and magnifying glasses. Life jackets will be provided for all
activities close to the water.


Litte Explorers.png

Little Explorers is a guided adult and child program for little kids ages 3-5 and their
adults to explore the outdoors. We will have a three-part class series this summer as we
explore the air, land and water around and in Lake Wingra. This program focuses on
introducing little kids to their outdoor playground as well as giving adults tools and
activities to continue exploration on their own. Each week contains a nature story and
investigation that will lead us on a short hike to discover animals and plants. We will
return for nature centers in the woods and park that will allow child lead exploration with
nature art, science, mud and water play and dramatic play
This program will take place in rain or shine, and we ask that you please dress
appropriately for being out in the elements (if extra outdoor clothing is needed, please
inquire by email the week of your class). Adult participation and supervision of their
child is required.

Ages: 3 to 5 years of age 

Adult participation is required during this program.

9:30am -11:30 am

Location: Wingra Boats - 824 Knickerbocker Street

$45 for the 3 weeks 

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