It is Time to Get Ready for Camp Wingra 2021 

New camper registration begins on Jan 24th.

Due to high number of roll-over registrations we anticipate very few open spots. Please put your camper on the waitlist, so you can be notified if a spot opens up.  


If you registered for any of the camps in 2020, you will receive an email on Jan. 15th with early registration information. 


For those of you who rolled-over your tuition you will receive an email on Jan. 6th.


Canceling our 2020 summer camp season was a difficult decision, and yet we are thankful for the understanding and flexibility that our Camp Families showed.

We are actively planning for a fun-filled 2021 camp season! 

Highlights from Camp Wingra

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Wingra -824 Knickerbocker St, Madison, WI 53711
Brittingham- 701 W Brittingham Place, Madison, WI 53715
Marshall- 2101 Allen Blvd, Madison WI
For your tax records:

Name: Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center, Inc.

Address: 824 Knickerbocker Street, Madison, WI 53711

ID Number: 39-1586143