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Camp Wingra After School

Winter Session

Mondays Jan. 28th- Feb. 25th


Building on the success of our first ever session this fall, Camp Wingra After School is excited to offer a Winter Session on Mondays from January 28th to February 25th!


There's plenty to do outdoors in the winter time! This five week session will include winter camping and outdoor survival skills, ice fishing, snowshoeing, ecology and limnology, ice skating, snow sculptures, and more!


What happens to all of the fish, turtles, and other animals in the winter time? Can you really stay warm enough to camp outside in the snow? How does our local watershed look different in the "off season"? This session is all about exploration, and giving winter the same level of attention and wonder that we have given to the summer season for years.

5 week

Dates & Times:

The after school program will take place on the following Mondays: 


Jan, 28th - Feb 25th from 1:15pm- 6:00pm 

What the program includes:

  • Structured instruction on the weekly topic

  • After School Snack

  • Outdoor Fun ( unplugged & free)

  • Small class sizes

  • 6 to 1 ratio of student to instructor

  • All fishing equipment ( although students are able bring their own equipment)

Cancellation policy:  

If you cancel 10 days prior to the start of the program you will receive a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee. 

Price for 5 Week Session

$425 ( $85 per session)

Pick Up

The Camp Wingra Van will pick up kids from Randall, Thoreau and Shorewood for an additional fee of $45 for all 5 mondays. 


After School Instructors

Stephan Reinke-

Stephan grew up in Madison, but really developed a passion for the outdoors, plants, and animals while spending his summers on his dads farm. Joining the Wingra boats team in 2012, he quickly fell in love with sharing his passion for the outdoors with other people. Stephan is an avid outdoorsman, loves camping and fishing, climbing trees, and simply getting off the grid for a while. A minimalist camper, and only takes what he really needs on his trips. “Nature will supply the rest, ya just gotta know what to look for.” Most often, you can find him and his son Toby at Brittingham Boats, on Monona Bay.

Kevin Julka

Kevin is a Madison native with outdoor experience all over the world. First started working on Lake Wingra in 2008 as a Camp Wingra counselor, and has since worked as a a paddle coach, adult instructor, as well as many other roles around the boat houses. Kevin has a background in guiding and Wilderness Medicine. He loves to teach, and when he’s not fixing things around the boathouses he paddles SUP competitively all over the country.

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