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Jan. 15th from 9am- 7pm for returning families to register for 1 camp per camper

Jan. 16th at 9am for new families, and returning families to register for additional camps

We are excited to announce that we have a new registration program that we hope will make registration much easier this year. One of the most exciting features is that once you add your camp to your cart it will be securely held for 10 minutes. However, we still recommend you read, and follow the steps below.

Tips for registration 

1. Be familiar with our camp offerings. We use a number and name system (ie. 1. Fish Paddle Play) for you to easily keep track of what camps you are interested in.

Click here to view our schedule.

2. Create a family profile ahead of time, and add all children you'd like to register. ( Keep reading for more info on profile setup.)

3. Have the following information ready to add during registration:

  • Any allergies or medications

  • Any special considerations that we should be aware of to make your child's week at camp a good one!

  • Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number that is not one of the parent/guardians

  • Doctors Name and Phone Number

  • Any friends or family that you will be attending camp with

4. Have your credit card in hand ready to check out, or add it in advance to your camp profile.

Click here to create your camp account


Once you have create an account, please click on your Name on the upper right hand corner to manage your account.

You will then  be able to view the following tabs

Calendar, My Children, Account, Orders, Friends, Reviews


Not sure how to manage your account? 

Calendar- will allow you to view a calendar view of the camps you've registered for

My Children- is where you go to add children that you'd like to register for camp. (Please add all children prior to registration to make it as quick and easy as possible.)

Account- is where you can add a credit card to your file to make check out as quick as possible, you also can change your email address and password.

Orders- this is where you will see all orders you have made. This is a great place to go if you need a printable receipt for your tax records

Camp Wingra 2021 Cancelation Policy

We understand that making plans in January for the summer, can be challenging and that your plans may change. If you cancel your camp prior to May 1st, 2022, you will receive a FULL refund minus a $40 cancelation fee per camp.

After May 1st, we normally do not offer a refund, however, due to these unprecedented times, if we are able to find someone to fill your camper's spot then we will offer a full refund minus a $75 cancelation fee per camp.  If we are unable to find a replacement then no refund will be issued. 

If you need to cancel due to a medical or COVID-19 related issues, please reach out and we will deal with these on a case by case basis. 

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