Thank you for your love of Camp Wingra. There are always changes


We use the wait lists to notify you of any openings or changes to camp. The Waitlist is also used in notifying you about next years registration details and information.  Please add your child to all camps you are interested in and again thank you for your love of Camp Wingra.


  1. Be familiar with our camp schedule, and know which camp(s) you are hoping to register for. Please note: Each camp has a number (ie. 1. Fish Paddle Play), for ease of registering you will want to know what number your camp is.

  2. Find the camp you'd like to register for in the red box below, you will need to scroll to view all camps. 

  3. Add the camp to your cart (you will only be able to do this when camp registration opens), if you are signing up for multiple camps, keep adding camps to your cart before clicking checkout.

  4. Once you click the checkout button your camp(s) will be held for 10 mins as you fill out the questions for your camper(s).  Please note: Your camps will not be saved if they are just in your cart, you must select checkout in order for them to be held for 10 mins. 

  5. You will need to fill out some questions for each camper per camp. These questions are very important, and help us give your camper the best experience at camp possible. Click here to view what these questions will be. 

  6. If you make a mistake during registration or have a questions please email us at or call us the morning of registration 608-333-1613.



As a thank you to all our returning Camp Wingra families, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to sign up early for ONE camp per camper. You may register for additional camps on open registration day, Jan. 12th. 

Somethings to know about Early Bird Registration:

  1. You will receive an email on Jan. 6th with a code to access registration on Sat Jan. 11 at 9am.     If you do not receive an email, please email us at

  2. Early Bird Registration will go from 9am to 7pm on Jan. 11th, if you miss this window you will still have the opportunity to register starting at 9am on Sunday, Jan. 12th when public registration opens.

  3. You can only register for one camp per camper during early bird registration. If you register for more than one per camper you will be removed from those additional camps.                                                 824 Knickerbocker St, Madison, WI 53711